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Appellate Forms

Count = 29

Form Number Name Revised
ARAP-01 Notice of Appeal-Cross Appeal to the Supreme Court of Alabama or Alabama Court of Civil Appeals 10/1/2019
ARAP-01A Transcript Purchase Order of Appellant-Civil 8/7/2007
ARAP-01B Transcript Purchase Order of Appellee-Civil 8/7/2007
ARAP-01C Reporter's Transcript Order-Criminal 8/7/2007
ARAP-01D Notice of Insufficient Financial Arrangement-Criminal 8/7/2007
ARAP-02 Letter of Transmittal of Notice of Appeal to Appellate Clerk by Trial Clerk 3/31/2005
ARAP-03 Appellee's Designation of Clerks Record 6/6/2005
ARAP-04 Certificate of Completion of Clerk's Record 6/6/2005
ARAP-05 Certificate of Completion of Reporter’s Transcript – Civil 6/6/2005
ARAP-06 Certificate of Completion of Record on Appeal by Trial Clerk 11/27/2006
ARAP-07 Certificate of Service (Appellant's Brief) 6/6/2005
ARAP-08 Certificate of Service (Appellant's Brief ARAP-08) 12/1/2004
ARAP-10 Letter of Transmittal of Record on Appeal to Appellate Court by Trial Clerk 12/1/2004
ARAP-11 Court Reporter's Index of Trial Exhibits 11/2/2005
ARAP-13 Certificate of Completion of Reporter’s Transcript – Criminal 12/27/2006
ARAP-14 Certificate of Completion and Transmittal of Record on Appeal by Trial Clerk 6/6/2005
ARAP-15 Motion and Affidavit in Support of Motion for Leave to Appeal in Forma Pauperis 12/27/2006
ARAP-17 Certificate of Trial Judge of Appealability of Order Not otherwise Appealable 6/6/2005
ARAP-20 Request for Original to be Filed 9/27/2017
ARAP-24 Docketing Statement (Appeal to the Supreme Court of Alabama) 10/1/2019
ARAP-25 Docketing Statement (Appeal to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals) 10/1/2019
ARAP-26 Docketing Statement (Court of Criminal Appeals) 12/27/2006
ARCivP-93 Cover Sheet Circuit Court - Civil Cases (Not for Domestic Relations Cases) 12/11/2018
Jacket-Civil Civil Appeals Jacket 8/5/2005
Jacket-Criminal Criminal Appeals Jacket 5/18/2005
Jacket-JuvApp Criminal Juvenile Appeal Jacket 9/16/2009
Jacket-Supreme Supreme Court Jacket 5/18/2005
NOCA Transmittal of Appeal to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals by the Trial Court Clerk 1/1/2016
Notice-Criminal Juvenile Criminal Juvenile Clerk's Notice 5/18/2005