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Juvenile Forms - Juvenile Forms

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Form Number Name Revised
ALEA Form 47 Sex Offender Registration Form 12/13/2017
C-10-Juvenile Affidavit of Substantial Hardship and Order 10/8/2019
DHR CAN Written Report of Suspected Child Abuse, Neglect 7/28/2020
International Travel of Sex Offender Notification of International Travel of Sex Offender 12/13/2017
JU-02 Complaint 11/21/2013
JU-03 Release of Information, Records Consent 10/7/2013
JU-03A Request for Juvenile Records, Reports or Information 9/17/2013
JU-04 Informal Adjustment 1/3/2017
JU-05 Appearance Agreement 9/17/2013
JU-06 Petition 9/17/2013
JU-06A Juvenile Court Intake Officer's Endorsement on a Petition 9/17/2013
JU-07 Custody Order for Violation of Appearance Agreement 10/7/2013
JU-07B Juvenile Pick-Up Order 9/13/2011
JU-07C Pick-up Order Recall 9/17/2013
JU-07D Authorization of Detention Care 9/17/2013
JU-07E Authorization of Shelter, Other Care 9/17/2013
JU-08 Juvenile Court Summons 1/29/2021
JU-09 Notification to Parent, Legal Guardian, or Legal Custodian of Detention 10/7/2013
JU-11 Appointment and Application for Juvenile Probation Officer Certification 1/29/2021
JU-11A Cont Education Approval Application 1/29/2021
JU-11B Cont Education Submission Form 1/29/2021
JU-13 Motion for the Sealing, Destruction of Records 8/13/2019
JU-13B Notification of Right to Request for Sealing, Destruction of Records 10/7/2013
JU-10 Consent Decree 10/7/2013
JU-12 Legal Information (Social History Serial) 10/7/2013
JU-14 Order of Transfer of Venue 10/7/2013
JU-15 Findings and Recommendations of Referee 9/6/2017
JU-16 Request for Rehearing from Referee to Judge 10/7/2013
JU-17 Detention, Shelter Care Hearing Order 10/7/2013
JU-18 Notification of Rights 10/7/2013
JU-19 Notification of Detention Rights 10/7/2013
JU-20 Administrative Order- Intake Officers for the Juvenile Court 6/3/2015
JU-20A Administrative Order-Special Intake Officer 7/9/2015
JU-21 Annual Report of Juvenile Probation Programs, Services 7/6/2015
JU-23 Child Custody Proceeding Affidavit 7/8/2016
JU-24 Sample Order of Shelter Care 10/22/2019
JU-25 Sample Order of Adjudication of Dependency - Disposition 10/7/2019
JU-26 Petition for Waiver of Consent for Abortion 1/1/2009
JU-26A Notification of Right to Attorney in Waiver of Parental Consent to an Abortion Proceeding, Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem 1/1/2009
JU-26D Notice of Appeal - Denial of Petition for Waiver of Consent for Abortion 1/1/2009
JU-27 Sample Permission to Photograph, Fingerprint, Collect DNA 1/1/2009
JU-28 Sample Motion and Order for Joinder of Parent(s), Legal Guardian(s) or Legal Custodian(s) 4/9/2009
JU-29A Juvenile Conference Committee (JCC) Agreement, Court Order 12/9/2011
JU-29B Judicial Volunteer Program Monthly Reporting Form 12/9/2011
JU-29C JCC Notice of Meeting 12/9/2011
JU-29D JCC Notice of Need for Judicial Review 12/9/2011
JU-29E JCC Recommendation, Court's Order of Dismissal 12/9/2011
JU-29F JCC Agreement (Informal Adjustment) 12/9/2011
JU-29G JCC Recommendation to Intake Officer 12/9/2011
JU-29H JCC Notice of Need for Review (Informal Adjustment) 7/28/2020
JU-30 Notification of Pending Release of Juvenile Sex Offender 9/8/2015
JU-31 Notice to Superintendent of School District or Private School Principal 1/1/2009
JU-32 Valid Court Order (VCO) Exception Assessment Request, Checklist 1/1/2009
JU-33 Sample Permanency Hearing Order-Adoption 8/24/2016
JU-34 Sample Permanency Hearing Order-Adult Custodial Care 8/24/2016
JU-35 Sample Permanency Hearing Order-APPLA Limited to Children Age 16 and Older 8/24/2016
JU-36 Sample Permanency Hearing Order-Permanent Relative Placement 11/30/2016
JU-36A Sample Permanency Hearing Order Kinship Guardianship 8/24/2016
JU-37 Sample Permanency Hearing Order-Return Home 8/24/2016
JU-38 Order for Drug Test Reimbursement 5/20/2009
JU-39 Sample Order of Adequacy, Inadequacy of Juvenile Court Record 5/14/2019
JU-40 Request to Appoint a Juvenile Court Magistrate 8/12/2015
JU-41 Order of Designation of Juvenile Court Judges 12/20/2011
JU-42 Withholding Order-Costs,Fines,Assessments and Restitution 12/20/2011
JU-43 Order of Designation of Juvenile Detention and Shelter-Care Facilities 12/20/2011
JU-46 JPO Standards for Certification Acknowledgment 1/29/2021
JU-46B Policy and Procedure Manual Acknowledgment 1/29/2021
JU-47C Petition for Relief from the Requirements of the Alabama Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Act 7/31/2017
JU-48 Notice of Provisional Action 1/29/2021
SO-3 Sex Offender Travel Permit 12/14/2017
SO-6 Juvenile Sex Offender Responsibilities Acknowledgement 3/29/2021
Transcript of Record Transcript of Record Conviction Report 7/9/2013